Balloon Artists Works in Oasis Getaway

Cheese Burger in Paradise - Donwers Grove

This weekend,  will be the first of many Sunday’s that I will be performing  in paradise. Come leave your daily stress behind and let the relaxing atmosphere and comedic balloon artistry tickle your artistic funny bone.  Come to a place where the balloon art is awesome, the cocktails are cool, and the staff is friendly. … Read more

I’m in the Newspaper… Again

Who really care’s if you’re in the newspaper? I was watching an entertainer’s promo video and in the middle of the video were pictures from newspapers that he appeared in.  I thought to myself, “Hasn’t every entertainer been in the newspaper?”  What is so special about that?  I guess it’s special for the entertainer, but … Read more

Laundering Money

Having two small kids in the house, out of town family arriving, my son’s second birthday party this week, and a wife trying to clean, wash, and fold anything that sits in one spot for too long  something was going to happen.  Well it happened; a shirt that had a check in it was washed, … Read more

Balloon Animals aren’t Corny

Balloon Animals - Corn, made by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

Balloon Animals Kids Favorites Over the last decades balloon animals have evolved from simplistic designs to an artistic media that is creativity limitless. The pallet of balloon colors is ever increasing along with size of the twisting balloons.  Ideas once dreamed of being created are now showing up on fashion runways and in art galleries. … Read more


Your sports team can be having the best or worst season in their history of existence and fans will make a requests for their beloved team logo. Reproducing these logos can be difficult. Metamorphose of lettering into an animal or letters that overlap, make it impossible or very tricky to reproduce. Yet fans will request … Read more

Why are my Balloons Wrinkled?

Brand new 260Q twisting balloon, direct from the manufacturer, are all wrinkled. What’s up with that? When you buy something like latex balloons, you never expect them to be wrinkled up like a used 1-dollar bill.  In fact, if you try to wrinkle a balloon, you just cannot do it.  So why is it that … Read more

The Reason why Betallatex 260 Balloons have a Second Inner Bag

The mystery of the inner bag – Why. For the past year now, I have been ripping opening bags of 260 Betallatex balloons and finding an extra inner bag or a second flat clear poly bag inside the printed resealable bags.  My first thought was, the company ran out of product bags and to prevent … Read more

Dale’s Update #2

This is my second video blog posting.  Let me know what you think? What parts did you like about the update and what needs improvement? I added a new opening to the video plus working on sound effect.  Big learning curve when it comes to adding effect to the video – especially editing the audio … Read more

Dale’s Update #1

Like OMG!  I just started video blogging… what next?  Oh – did I say HAPPY NEW YEAR! That’s right, New Years is only hours way. . . are you ready for the new year? Subscribe to Dale’™s Blog and get notified when new posting occur. Do You Twitter? Click Here To Follow Me on Twitter … Read more

Colors are being Eliminated?

The present economy has not made it easy for any company while layoffs and cut backs are happening across the board. It started me thinking about the balloon manufactures and how they must be coping with decreasing sales. Reports from around the world state that balloon entertainment is slow and entertainers are not purchasing as … Read more