Review of the Mini Balloon Apron

Mini Balloon Apron

Over the years, I have relied on the Mini Balloon Apron to hold my balloon scraps, but this mini apron has a couple of more advantages than just holding balloons.  Here’s a review of this great product that I’ve been using since 2000. Mini balloon apron pricing and availability at the balloon store.

What do you use to get the white for the eyes?

Top 3 Questions Asked by Beginner Balloon Entertainers Part three of three Part 1 & Part 2 Unknown to many people is that they do make white markers. The white marker was originally designed for the Crafter who needed to write on dark craft paper. However, this is not an ink, but paint in a … Read more

Balloon Instructions for Halloween

Bonnie Davis newest Halloween CD, the Dark Side is now available.  The instructional CD contains fifteen new Halloween designs.  The majority of the designs use 2 and 4 balloons including scraps except for one which uses five balloons.  The average twister will be able to make these Halloween designs in 5-minutes or less making them … Read more

Down, but not Out

“I promise I will back up regularly, and check that the backups are valid” say Administrator Michael Floyd after the forum crashes. This past month reported that a server crashed and all date was lost, according to Floyd.  An oversight in backup procedure to ensure the forum was backed up was overlooked and … Read more

Balloon Animal Video Instructions on How to Make a Balloon Animal Fun

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

If you are looking to learn how to make a balloon animal then Steve Martin is not your master balloon animal instructor.  However, if you are looking to learn how to use balloon animals in a comedic routine, than this is an excellent video to watch.  This is an early stand-up routine of Steve Martin designed for … Read more