How I Calculate Balloons Made Per Hour

The event is over and my pocket is bulging.

Festibal EntertainmentToday was that rare day when everyone wanted to tip. I did not ask for it. I was not encouraging it. It just happened. The event was a two hour public event and when it was over I walked away with one $10, two $5 and 54 singles for a grand total of $74.00 dollars. The total is irrelevant; I can use the bills to calculate the number of customers served. Knowing this information helps me better market my business and allows me to understand my full capabilities as a balloon entertainer.

I gathered 57 bills, and figured about 90% of the people tipped. Based on these numbers, I figure over 62 people received a balloon, or 31 customers served an hour. That breaks down to a under 2 minutes per customer.

The balloon figures I made were 2-3 three balloon designs, simple, efficient, and brought a small “wow” factor. The goal was to turn numbers, give a quality product, and to establish a working speed that was comfortable.

Several years ago, I worked with a library that passed out tickets which would be exchanged for balloons.  On that day I did 35 balloon figures an hour.  I try to avoid jobs that require machine like performance and prefer to find gigs that have the right child to entertainer ratio.

Other Tricks for Calculating Balloons Made Per Hour

Using tips as a counting tool is not reliable 90% of the time so another tool I use are smiley face balloons.  Using a set number, typically 100 ct bag, I work the smiley face balloon into the  balloon designs either as a face or as an accessory. At the end of the event I can count how many smiley face balloons are used and have an idea how many balloons I produced.

A hand counter works great too.  You can get an exact count for each person, or if you are really aggressive, count the number of balloons twisted / distributed.  For me, balloon giving does not matter, it is about how many people I have served which is the critical number.

Look for my next blog that will  tell you why it’s improtant to know your balloon made per hour ratio.