Bozo the Clown balloon animal instructions

Bozo The Clown

I grew up in an era of only four major TV stations in the Chicagoland area. WGN was the station to watch as a child as it was the home of the Bozo Circus Show.

Prior to Krusty the Clown, Pennywise, Ronald McDonald, or the Insane Clown Posse – Bozo was “The Clown”. So when asked for a balloon in the shape of a clown, Bozo is my first thought.

Over the years I have made many different clown figures. I even designed a special imprinted clown balloon. Yet, I always find myself going back to this balloon design.

Over the decades, I have had several on-air performances for the WGN Morning News, and as I walk to the green room, there is a plaque commemorating the Bozo Circus show and Studio 1.

The popularity of clowns have changed, but many of us who grew up in Chicago still love the Bozo Circus Show.

Did you have a favorite clown character as a child?

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