Books Shape The Mind Like I Twist A Balloon

Resistance is futile, I will shape it

Writers ideas bend, contort, and transforms concepts and beliefs before my eyes. I stand before an audience transforming the ordinary balloon in to the extraordinary. A balloon may resist me, but I will prevail and transformation it in to a doll. My brain resists new ideas that the author vows will make me better.

In the book , The War of Art,  I’ve learned not to give in to resistance, but to beat it down with a stick. I do not quit when a balloon breaks. I add another in its place and continue on my way.

I learned early in my career to surround  myself with the best entertainers available to me. Their energy and knowledge drove me to succeed. I learned in Today We Are Rich that a good loop needs to have rocket fuel to keep the passion going. I need not a degree in Rocket Science to achieve this, but to surround myself with positive influence and toss out the negative and naysayers that hold me back.

I am now reading,  Branding Your: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself, which by the way has made a dimple in my brain.  Yet, I am an artist who looks at a new balloon and see its potential of what it can be.  So, as I read these words so carefully crafted, I treat it like a new balloon.  Right now, I do not know what to do with this found knowledge, but I am sure my subconscious guided by a muse will tell me what to do with that new found balloon.

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