Boogers and Farts Rank High on the Laugh-O-Meter with Kids

Laugh-O-MeterPerforming at restaurants allows for comedic interaction with the customers that is only restricted by the age of the audience.  I have learned over the years that humor is objective and what I find funny may not be funny to others. However, when it comes to kids–body functions and human excretions are high on the laugh-out-loud meter.  Now, some will argue that this is low-level comedy, and that an entertainer should stride to develop material the does not revolve around farts and boogers. This I would agree with if I were entertaining adults.  What I have experienced is kid’s communication skills are under developed and it is hard for them to follow a story or fully understand a comedic pun.  Just their listing skills alone are questionable.

While entertaining a family at a restaurant I asked a teenager, “Who is this woman sitting across from you? “

The teen scrunched up her nose, her eyes squinted and she looked at me as if she just arrived here from Mars and she said “What?”

I repeated myself, but this time jested with my fingers and hand like if I was signing to her.

She looked at me and said, “That’s rude. What if I was deaf?”

“You probably would scrunch your nose, squint your eyes and sign–what?”  I told her.

Her parents got the joke, but the teen just looked at me like, whatever.

To a child, sarcasm, name calling or saying you smell is their humor.  What they do find humorous are thing that many adults find stupid, idiotic, just plain out grouse and disrespectful. Nevertheless, some of the biggest grossing movies in Hollywood are some of the dumbest you will ever see, unless you are a teen who will find it laugh-out-loud funny.

Do you know a good booger or fart joke, share it with me…. leave a comment.

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