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Balloons on TikTok

Over the years, I played with many social media sites, and when I first started to blog, it was about length and content. How creative, informative, and specific is the article was determined if a reader would comment or even share an author’s thoughts.

Then Twitter came along, and it was all about short quick messages and abbreviations that made communicating even harder. Emoji’s words came next. You either skipped reading the message or just hit like, as the amount of energy to decode the note wasn’t worth the effort.

Now comes TikTok, 15-seconds is the average video. Half thoughts, movements, and ideas expressed like a commercial. When I first started on the internet decades ago, we jumped for joy as a webpage could be limitless in size — no more constraints as we could take as long as we needed to express our ideas.

Times have changed, and making a quality 15-second video takes serval minutes, if not hours to create. Multiple edits and retakes are done to get that perfect 15-seconds.

Here’s my most recent TikTok video I’ve created. It took serval retakes and edited to get my vision on to the screen.

What I Find Funny

We now have millions of people making 15-second commercials that distract us from our daily lives, yet when an ad comes on TV, we change the channel. We are creating a world of commercial makers, yet the world is not interested in commercials.

If you are a TikTok fan, open up the TikTok app and search @daleobrochta and check out the videos.

What are your thoughts about TikTok?

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