Balloons Draws A Crowd

Stopping the crowds with visual art and comedy at the Ebert Studio booth

Home ShowAs a kid, I was on the shy side, but,  if you look at me now standing in the Ebert Studio booth my goal was to be the center of attention and draw people in.  I am not that shy kid now but, more of a social butterfly when it comes to working a trade show booth.   Ebert’s Studio booth staff quickly learned that they hired a professional mouthpiece.  Quick with jokes, satire, and probing questions  kept the exhibitors entertained and educated at the Home Show in Darien, IL.

My duty is to stop people in their tracks and put a twist on the sales pitch, as they have never heard before, while creating a one-of-a-kind balloon figure.  OK, I’ll tell the truth. It was not one-of-a-kind, I did several of the same design over-and-over again, but the attendees never knew that. So keep that to yourself. ;0)

Working the booth, I could not help noticing the exquisite pictures on display and it made me a little envious that none of my pictures ever turns out that good.  I felt a better when the owner, Jeff Ebert, tried to make a balloon dog, boy was it bad.  It was very clear that his role in life was to be behind the camera and mine, well let us just say, I’m at my best when I have a crowd of people around me and a balloon in my hand.

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