Why are my Balloons Wrinkled?

Brand new 260Q twisting balloon, direct from the manufacturer, are all wrinkled. What’s up with that?

When you buy something like latex balloons, you never expect them to be wrinkled up like a used 1-dollar bill.  In fact, if you try to wrinkle a balloon, you just cannot do it.  So why is it that every now and then you get a bag of 260 balloons that look like a steamroller crushed them right after production?

The manufacture’s and balloon entertainer’s will all vogue that the balloon does not lose any performance. The color and latex is still consistent throughout the balloon.  So the balloons wrinkles do effect upon balloons performance. They just do not look pretty – if you can call a latex balloon pretty.

I did some investigative research and learned that sometimes the wrinkled appearance is a result of the way the balloons are manufactured and packaged during production.  Balloons are naturally “fluffy” at the end of the production process.  This happens because of air and powder that is force into the balloon when removing it from the mold. These newly “fluffed up” balloons then go to the packaging process, which then deposits them into the packages.  The packaging process adds compression in order to conserve space and carton efficiency.  This compression process can result in some “wrinkling” of the balloon.

So the next time you open  a bag of 260 balloons and they are wrinkled, do not worry, the balloons are good.  Just think of it as, the balloons are just getting ahead started on being twisted.

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