Balloon Instructions for Halloween

Bonnie Davis newest Halloween CD, the Dark Side is now available.  The instructional CD contains fifteen new Halloween designs.  The majority of the designs use 2 and 4 balloons including scraps except for one which uses five balloons.  The average twister will be able to make these Halloween designs in 5-minutes or less making them perfect for private parties, corporate events, and restaurants.  This CD is in a printable PDF format with color photos illustrated by step-by-step instructions leading you through the entire process from start to finish.

Bonnie Davis aka The Balloon Lady, and “owner, manager, chief cook and bottle washer” of The Party Package, in Pocahontas, Arkansas is still producing CD’s,  while being a moderator for forum,  lecturer, entertainer, jewelry maker, and grandmother,  and  incredibly still finds time to create new balloon  creations.  Her style mixes multiple-balloons with simplicity that make them unique and easy to build.

Bennie’s newest CD, The Dark Side is being sold directly by her, while here older CD’s are available at the store

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