Balloon Entertainer Takes A Stand

Have you ever tried to cook a chicken with a beer can stuck inside it? No matter how careful you are, the chick is just top-heavy and wants to fall over. Years ago, and I’m not sure where my mom bought this handy little device, but we had a rack that you push into the chickens cavity and it has a base to keep the chick upright. That is just what I need to keep my balloon figures standing.

No Stand balloon animals“Look, it doesn’t stand,” the voice exclaims over the table. I have heard this for years, and have persuaded many parents to part with change to stuff inside the balloon figure to act as weight. Utensils, straws, and small toys have been used.

Recently, I was building a clown centerpiece for a client and needed a way for the clown to stand upright. I use sand and water weights, but this was just a prototype. I just needed a quick solution to keep an object standing to take a picture. That chicken stand, it has a simple base that I could use for balloon figures.

How it works

Build your balloon animal, then create a “No” or “Don’t” symbol. Twist the crossbar of the No symbol,  in between and around the feet of the figure.  In this example I made a quick Minion, but inserted the “No Stand” between his feet to make him stand.


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