Bad Ass Clown

I like to arrive early for a birthday party and as I was sitting in my car outside the house. I could not help notice a big forest green truck drive past.  In the back cab window, on the right side, was a sticker saying, “Bad Ass!” and on the left side was an outline of a boy giving the middle finger.

I did not think much of it until I saw a bright pink neon wig pop out of the drive side door.  Off she trotted up the drive way to the same house I was going too.   At the party, the neon clown was painting kids faces. I am not a face painter, but have worked with some of the best in Chicago and clearly she was a newbie.

I realize that we all have a personality and some people express their views on their vehicles, but I just found it a little ironic for somebody telling the world that they are a “Bad Ass” and giving the finger was a face painting clown.

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