Six Awesome and Shocking Changes in the Balloon Industry


  1. Balloon colors have exploded over the years. What originally started out as nine colors has now escalated to forty-seven colors. This is not counting the offbeat imprints and seasonal balloon colors.
  2. Instructional books dwindle as fewer are being produced. Yet YouTube is fueled by thousands of individuals teaching techniques once only taught in books and on DVDs.
  3. Balloon forums are stagnating. There are hundreds of Facebook groups all trying to grab the attention of balloon entertainers. Groups dedicated to headbands, holidays, beginners, reviews, history and many more which overlap ideas, concepts, and originality.
  4. Balloon distortion transforms the balloon figure into balloon art. The world of the balloon stacker has changed from creating mystic columns, to hand wrenching, balloon stuffing, and contortionist dance as the balloon artist forces a balloon to act and handle in manner that they were not designed to perform.
  5. YouTube trained entertainers compete for major gigs like seasoned professionals. The trials and errors which occur in the learning process have been reduced. Newbie’s quickly absorb knowledge from YouTube channels and in record time gain the technical skills to rival a seasoned professional. Unlike the college graduate whose career starts at the entry┬álevel, the YouTube student competes with seasoned veterans for the prime jobs.
  6. Long gone are stores selling helium balloons, as helium became extremely difficult to obtain when helium producers retooled their equipment, and prices sky rocketed, leaving stores and the public shorthanded.

What have you noticed in the balloon industry that has changed since you started working in the industry?