About Dale

cropped-Dale-Balloon-Entertainer.jpgIn 1988 DEO Consulting, Inc was born. Its owner Dale E. Obrochta was a professional entertainer (Magical Balloon-dude Dale) who worked at a local trick shop and entertained around the Chicago land area. On January 21, 1997, Dale developed mbd2.com. The site initially was going to be co-hosted by Dale and a DJ company. This lasted a little over three months when the DJ company decided the Internet was not for them. But Dale kept the URL… mbd2.com.

In 1998 Dale open a Yahoo! balloon forum, and in 2000 mbd2.com started its first e-commerce balloon supplies. In 2002 the mbd2.com forum was started.  As each year goes by, new products and services are developed and incorporated into the mbd2.com site. Our goal is simple, provide good products along with excellent service. We do our best to make your shopping experience enjoyable and providing the best balloon services.

In 2003 saw the development of the first balloon animal database was created.  This database helps individuals find instruction on a specific balloon animal and what video, CD, DVD, or book teach how to make that design.

In 2004 the mbd2.com entertainment article section was implemented, and in the following year, 2005, the mbd2.com classified section was developed. The Balloon Entertainers Grid came into existence in 2007 along with the MySpace Entertainers Directory.

In 2008, the mbd2.com blog was started and continued to grow each month with new articles.

2014 – Dale became the first TEDx Visual Balloon Interpreter.

And yes, there is still more to come from  Magical Balloon-dude Dale in the years ahead.  So make sure you come back to read more about Balloon Entertainment at its Best!