Quick and Easy Balloon Turkey

I have been making this simple Thanksgiving turkey for years, and I’m sharing it with you today. This timeless design is easy to upscale to make a fancy detailed Thanksgiving turkey. In the video, I will show you a technique that I have used for years for not breaking a balloon but stretching it out … Read more

TurFo – The Football Fans Turkey

I have been wracking my brain all month on what type of turkey balloon figures to make for my blog.  I created several unique turkey designs last year and I was stumped what to make this year. Then it hit me like a balloon exploding in my face. Football! Football and Thanksgiving go hand and … Read more

November is for Turkey’s

Thanksgiving on my mind… The leaves have fallen; lawn mowers are being stored and replaced with snow blowers. Summer clothes are being stored away and lost money is being found in coats hoarded from years passed. The warmth of the furnace reminds me summer has gone.  Yet, the night sky is clear and the stars … Read more



My wife just called this “creepy”, I call it “Turkey-n-Disguise” As the countdown to Thanksgiving nears and the turkey’s are in hiding, I created this balloon sculpture to honor the turkey’s that made it this year. So keep a watchful eye out for that fowl smelling man, who knows, he just may be a turkey … Read more

Time to Get the Turkey

Doesn’t matter how you slice it, there’s going to be turkey on my plate. This weekend is going to be crazy at the grocery stores with everyone stocking up for Thanksgiving. Do you go with a fresh  whole turkey, process turkey or just skip the dark meat all together and go for the turkey breast?  … Read more

Turkeyed Out

Turkey the food that we eat once a year Have you noticed the day after Thanksgiving the desire to eat more turkey is gone?  We may eat it cold, warm, mix it into other food dishes, but after just a couple of days we are turkeyed out.  What’s up with that?  Unlike hamburgers, pizza, and … Read more

Turkey Stuffing

Balloon entertainers stuff their turkey’s differently While most of the world works vigilantly to create the perfect turkey stuffing, balloon entertainers are working on making the perfect turkey to stuff in a balloon. Yep, you read it right, stuffing a turkey into a balloon.  You may think we’re trying to preserve the turkey by encapsulating … Read more

Pumpkin’s before Turkey’s

Did somebody say Turekey?

Heads may roll this Halloween night As spring gives way to summer; summer fades into the colors of fall, so too does Halloween pass to the next major holiday Thanksgiving. The blood and gore give way to sweet family values and weekend football. Sugary treats are replaced with comforting apple and pumpkin pie. Candy corn … Read more