In 90 minutes I helped a friend and Created a Marketing Campaign

POV from my Smartphone of me reading about linear speaker systems.
POV from my Smartphone of me reading about linear speaker systems.

One Sunday morning I found myself spending 90 minutes reading about a sound system. I’m not shopping for a new sound system, but read a post from a ventriloquist friend who was trying to solve an acoustic problem.

The past 60 minutes I spent researching linear sound systems was interesting and educational. I found a detailed article along with a Finder Expo system.

As I researched different products and reviews, I was struck by how I was more concerned about information than price. I wanted to know more about features, service, and capabilities. Once I had an idea of what I was looking for, the price was just a price. No sticker shock, because it had all the features, I was looking for in a product.

Remember this when you’re building your marketing campaign. People who are researching a product/service are looking for answers. Solve the problems and price is secondary. If it takes $1,000 to solve the problem, so be it. Problem solved!

Create a WIN-WIN

After the 90 minutes of poking around the internet, I was able to send my friend a link to an article, the Fender Expo, and gave some insight into his problem. Helping people with issues is a great way to build creditability and strengthen your network of friends.  WIN #1

In 90 minutes, I helped a friend with a problem, educated myself on sound systems, produced this blog,  emailed a bunch of people about his article, and posted my finding in the Facebook group where I initially read about the problem. WIN #2

That’s how I spent 90 minutes this Sunday morning.

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