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Balloon - More Balloon Pictures

By Magical Balloon-dude Dale - Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - View Full Newsletter

Even More Balloon Art

I recently setup a tumblr blog account and uploaded it with 46 pictures.  If you find something you like please twitter or FB the web page to your friends.  If you have a tumblr account please follow me and I will follow you.  Love to see what my fans are up to.  So check it out at http://balloonanimals.tumblr.com/

Blue Print to  Restaurant Entertainment

Want to learn the tips and tricks to restaurant entertainment? Then check out restaurantentertainment.blogspot.com Every couple of weeks I will be posting information on how to entertain in a restaurant.  These are tips for all types of entertainers, not just balloon people.  So if you've been thinking about getting into restaurant entertainment, here is a resource that will teach you everything you need to know about marketing to and advertising in a restaurant. 
If you have a gmail account you can click on follow and when a new post happens you'll be notified.  Best way to stay on top of things.

Where Am I entertaining you Ask?

Can you believe I'm actually at these places? I publish a press release so fans and media can keep abreast of my activities.  If you see an event that you like feel free to twitter or FB the announcement. 

Motivational Speaking

Are you aware that I do motivational speaking?  I have 3 speaking gigs this month and would love to do more.  So if your company or association is interested in hiring a really cool speaker that has a fun topic, email this URL and let's make it happen. I even have a blog and facebook fan page.  Join today and get motivated.

Are you following the right Page?
Want more information about the balloon industry and entertainment events? Make sure you following the entertainment facebook page and store page.  These fan pages are constantly getting updated with new information.  Don't be left out, follow the right fan page.

Hey, be a pal and TWEET THIS NEWS LETTER
- Thanks, I need that!  If you don't tweet, how about a FB share? 

Did you know?
Did you know cheap balloons make kids cry? Don't like that topic, what about a topic on wrinkled balloons?  Want a new swear word?  All this and more in Dale's blog this month. Don't forget to hit the share button on these articles - after all, that's what social medial is about. Sharing information we like.

Well that is it for now.  Looking forward to the next update notice.

Dale - Magical Balloon-dude

P.S.  Available for private and corporate parties, but you already new that ;0)

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Balloon - January is now February

By Magical Balloon-dude Dale - Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - View Full Newsletter

January limped out of here and February is the blizzard of the decade!

Twisten in the Library
I found myself entertaining at a library some 74 miles from my house on a cold snowy Monday evening.  Outside the snow was starting to accumulate and so did the kids that braved the bitter cold.  The Antioch Public Library was my gracious host and provided me an excellent room to entertain their patrons.  I took a picture so you can see how I arrange my stage area.  They even provided me with my favorite drink.  It's great to be treated like royalty.

Turning Balloons into Food
This January my Agent called and said they had a potential customer who was considering hiring me to work their trade show booth.  The company is a food distributor and wanted to know what I could make that resembles food.  You can read the full story by checking out, the blog post Hot Dog! Pitching my Service to a Food Distributor.

Video Blogging - I can't stop!
Well, I did it.  I created Dale's Update Video #3 with a new opening.  I was even allowed to use my son's dinosaurs in the filming. OK, so I am a big kid at heart and doing these video lets me be creative and hope interesting enough for you to want to see them. So help me out, on my facebook page I am going to post this sentence(s) -  The snow is  - - - - - - -  Be creative and use your imagination – what the heck give me a video response and I'll use it.  Creative people stick together, so let us see how creative you are today.

Please share this with your tweeter friends.  It's just a click of a button 

Get some Free PR
Hey do you want to appear on the front page of my blog?  Just tweet one of the 300 blog posts and your tweet will appear on Dale's Blog.  How cool is that!

Read Dale's blog on Facebook
If your a  FB fan of Magical Balloon-dude Dale there is now a tab to read all the blog posts right in Facebook.  So if your not a fan, you don't know what you've been missing. Click the like button - then look for the tab that say's mbd2.com blog. Don't forget to checkout the photo gallery.

Working to Motivate You
I was surprise to find out that a program designed to prevent spammers from posting was also stopping all who tried to post.  That wasn't what I had in mind when I installed the plugin.  I've since corrected the problem and I hope you stop out to my motivational blog and give me some feedback on the articles I've been posting. 

What they saying in the mbd2.com forum?
If you don't know already, I have a new Android phone and have been giving out tips for new Apps to help entertainers.  I'm sure may of these Apps have a counter part for the IPhone and would love for some IPhone users to stop out in the marketing section of the forum and give some advice for the IPhone users.  Take a look at the Apps that have been recommend and see if you can give alternative or if this program works on the IPhone.

Thanks Much for your support - Until the next time.

Dale - Magical Balloon-dude

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Balloon - Video Blog

By Magical Balloon-dude Dale - Monday, January 3, 2011 - View Full Newsletter

It's 2011!
Wow, it's already 2011 and time to put the holiday stuff away.  Over at mbd2.com I have been busy getting ready for this year and one project I just rolled out was a new video blog.  Please take a look and leave me a comment or send me a video response.  Would love to hear what you think of the first video cast.


Like Balloon - New Video Blog on Facebook

This week I am asking facebook fans to finish this sentence.... Squeaking of a balloon makes me _ _ _ _ _ _?   How would you answer that question? Write your response on my facebook wall http://www.tinyurl.com/fbdale or send me a video response. 

Look for my next video blog this week.  I'm working on a new opening for the video and learning a lot about video editing. 

That's it for today.

Keep your balloons inflated...

Magical Balloon-dude Dale

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Balloon - 2010 - Turducen

By Magical Balloon-dude Dale - Thursday, December 9, 2010 - View Full Newsletter

Balloons for the Holidays

This past month, I created a Turducen - this was the first time creating this character and it was easier than I first imagined, at least for me.  I wish I had some more free time to post more pictures this year, but the days are quickly turning into nights.  I did have to design a new business card this year. Went through 10,000 of them in just over a 1.5 years.  If you been following me on facebook you would have seen it; if not, here's the link to the business card.

Be the first to Like this
Like Balloon - Balloon Pictures and New Facebook Landing Page on Facebook or Share it with other entertainers

Become popular as an Entertainment Writer
Every year I look for new writers to contribute to the mbd2.com article section.  If you like to write and can contribute to the entertainment community I would love to have you as part of the team. You would need to do 12 articles - topics of your choosing, as long as they are NOT info-comericals for products or services.

This is for all the people who have a bar code reader in your smartphone.

Get a 5% Discount
Become a fan of the mbd2.com balloon store fan page in Facebook and get a 5% discount on your next balloon order.  Click the like button and a new graphic will tell you how to get you special discount code.  Just visit mbd2.com balloon store fan page and click LIKE and learn how to save 5% on your next purchase.

Making the Phone Ring
This time of the year is strange for entertainers because the phone just stops ringing. December is halfway over and everything that is a book gig wise is booked and now the phone sits silent.  We just purchased new Sony Ericsson (Android) phones for the company, so Michelle and I are struggling to figure out all the features, removing duplicate contracts (seems to happen every time we upgrade phones) and learning how to sync the data with our programs. I guess it is good the phone is not ring off the hook, because we just figured out how to put people on hold ;-)

Update your Profile

Top Readers?
Looking for the person who's read all the blog post - would be interested to know how many people have read all 356 posting - have you?

Mbd2.com forum Update
New to the mbd2.com forum is social bookmarks.  Now members who create a new topic can click a button and post the posting to any social bookmark.  This new feature should allow for more input on the subjects they post and allow for greater exposure.

Well that's it for today... keep your eye's open for the last news letter for 2010 - 

Dale - Magical Balloon-dude

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Balloon - Halloween Balloons

By Magical Balloon-dude Dale - Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - View Full Newsletter

New Balloon Show Video

Recently, I attended the Centre East Showcase as an exhibitor highlighting my balloon show.  The showcase was for schools and libraries.  I had a great time at the event and was able to get a testimonial from ventriloquist Sandi Sylver. You can watch it here. At that time, I quickly put together a video for my exhibit booth, which worked for the show, but wasn't quite there so after hours of editing, voice over and music selection the following balloon show promo was produced. 

As part of my marketing I had a full length poster produced, you know the ones they use at the trade shows. I now use this as part of the backdrop / atmosphere for my balloon shows.

The Motivational Image Enhancer: Dale Obrochta
For most my life I have professionaly motivated people to improve themselves. After years of compiling information and researching concepts I started to get back to my roots of speaking and teaching to the corporate market.  To help market this new venture I started the blog The Motivational Image Enhancer which gives tips  on revitalizing your life, mind, body effortlessly using simple logic which increases productivity in life and at work.  Since social networking is so important to business, I've started a fan page for my motivational speaking. Please become a fan.

The FB Motivational Speaking page will have inspirational posts, thoughts, or ideas Mon - Fri.  Wednesday's are Motivational Music Wednesday.  So if you have a song that motivates you, get you off your butt, signing out loud or just makes you crank up the radio -- please let me know what the song is and place it on the Motivational Speaking Page for list of songs to highlight on Motivational Music Wednesday.

Why not take the time right now and go checkout Octobers Archives for the full listing of 100 Articles

Balloon Animal: Horse

I've been making this horse for quit awhile now and haven't had the opportunity to take a picture of it -- So the other day, I finally did just that.  Here is the final product.

Entertainer's Tip: Motivation
The only thing keeping you from the big money is yourself.  You must be confident in yourself and willing to move forward for you to grow in all aspect of your entertainment business.  Surround yourself with people more experienced they yourself and embrase their teachings.  Write down a list of things that are stopping you from achieving your goals and through it away.  Remove it from your thinking and use your determination to move forward with your career. Successful people don't let obstacles interfere with their goals or allow other peoples "rules" to hinder their success.  If all businesses worked the same way, Henry Ford would have never invented the assembly line, Apple would only be selling computers and Facebook would not exists.  Stop detouring your self from success and think big and just do it!

Don't forget you can follow me on Facebook or on my Blog.

Thanks much
Dale - Magical Balloon-dude

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