February, Mardi Gras Parties Puts Money In Entertainers’ Pockets

Church’s Mardi Gras Party

Mermaid-Mardi-GrasMardi Gras, punchki sales rocket and church people party.  Mardi Gras parties are not limited to New Orleans, but are happening throughout the country.  Do a quick Google search and you will find that many churches around your area are holding Mardi Gras parties for their parishioners.

If you have overlooked marketing to these groups, it may not be too late. If ticket sales are good, this is how churches fund the event, so adding additional entertainment is not a problem.

There are benefits to working with a church organization.

  • Working with a local Church ensures you are going to be entertaining people in your community, thus strengthening your business ties locally.
  • Churches have many events throughout the year, and many of the same people work on multiple committees.
  • The audience demographics are families seeking good, clean, family entertainment.  This is a great resource for any entertainer.
  • Many people active in church activities are members of other clubs, organizations, and charities. So bring business cards and make sure you pass them out.

Incorporate gold, purple, and green into your balloon figure and you have created Mardi Gras balloon art.  It is not difficult for a balloon entertainer to adapt to this holiday.  Do a little out of the box thinking, and you can create many Mardi Gras balloon figures.

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