Face Painter Shannon Fennell writes for 100 Articles in October

Shannon Fennel
Shannon Fennell as a model at a face paint convention

Canadian makeup artist and face and body painter Shannon Fennell has been quite prolific with the publication of her second book. “We’ve just released my book “The Business of Face Painting” and sales are brisk! I am working on the companion book right now “The Art of Face Painting” which we hope to release in January 2010,” she said. ( see www.shannonfennell.com )

Fennell’s first book was Your Face or Mine published by SNAZAROO USA Inc. in 2007. She is a member of professional organizations like FACE, The Face Painting Association and The World Body Painting Association. She has been a featured columnist for Illusion and Face Painting and Body Art Magazine and is a regular contributor to other online forums and resources on the art of face painting, body art and makeup.

Offering helpful information about things she has learned is something she does often. She  compiled a CD of business materials for face painters called Designs and Templates, Vol. I. There is also a companion Vol. II. There are also laminated design sheets for anyone to use and display as a reference. Then there is her blog www.shannonfennell.wordpress.com

“I started doing make-up professionally back in 1997 and prior to that it was a hobby. I loved dressing up and creating characters which led to being a member of a Star Trek fan club that was seriously into role playing and costuming/make-up. From there I decided to go to make-up school to learn all I could about make-up, particularly special effects make-up. I’ve trained in Hollywood, Vancouver, and around the world. I am always learning and look forward to all the new things I will find out about in the future,” she said as excerpted from her blog.

Fennell leads a busy life involved in her various passions. She owns her own company and offers a wide variety of services. She is a popular and sought after instructor and presents at workshops and conventions around the world and has recently returned from presenting at Living Canvas, A Painter’s Convention in San Jose. She is the hair and makeup coordinator for the Grand Prairie Live Theatre. Furthermore, she has won numerous industry contests and awards. Her makeup credits include film, TV and over 65 theatrical productions.

“One project I am very excited about is the upcoming 2010 Arctic Winter Games,” she said. “I am the make-up designer and lead artist for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The project is huge and very challenging – aerial artists, indigenous peoples’ mythology and modern references, hundreds of dancers.” The event takes place in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Many artists have some stories about how they have effected others. Fennell shared the story of a mother who recently told her about how much her face painting meant to her son.

“She told me that I had painted her 7 year old son as a tiger at the fair and he was so thrilled with it that he wouldn’t wash it off. He removed all his pillows from his bed and slept flat on his back so he wouldn’t smear the face paint. He ended up wearing it for three days,” she said. “It’s nice to hear stories like that and how you actually made an impression on someone.”

Fennell said she loves what she does and is competitive, so she tries to outdo herself all the time. She hope her future will hold more of what she has been doing already: painting, traveling, teaching, writing and competing.

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting Face Painters to be a part of these 100 Articles. A lot of times it seems that we are the Red Headed Step Children of the entertainment world. Shannon is a wonderful artist and she is always so generous with her information. Top notch choice!

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