Entertainer’s Tips for Social Networking in Facebook

With the popularity of social networking through Facebook increasing, many individuals and companies are creating Facebook pages.  As entertainers, we must use this opportunity to network with new and old friends.  Here are some simple social networking tips that you can use to increase your entertainment business:

  1. Search for old customers who have hired you for past events. Typically, look for the company, and once found, proceed with looking for the individual.
  2. Upload pictures from the event. This will help create a common connection with the individual.
  3. Send a message to old contacts, allowing them an opportunity to remember you and respond accordingly.
  4. Make sure your Facebook picture is accurate. People use these pictures to recognize you, and if you use a popular cartoon character or a picture of your child, they will not be able to associate the picture with you.
  5. Connecting with old classmates and colleagues can create new contacts along with becoming your customer.

These are five simple social networking tips to help you increase your entertainment business. Please comment with your thoughts or ideas on improving these tips or new ideas.

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3 thoughts on “Entertainer’s Tips for Social Networking in Facebook”

  1. Hi Dale. Neat posting. I didn’t even think about looking for clients on facebook and friending them. I love this idea and hopefully I’ll be able to do it very soon. There’s so much you can do online! Thanks for posting this tip. Annie

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