Entertainer Shushed While Entertaining

In my mind, one second later…

Balloon Animals - Little Mermaide Sir, if you get your lazy butt out of the house earlier you would not be sitting at the fringe of the audience. Have you not noticed this is not the Civic Opera House, but a free music festival at an outdoor shopping mall?

The convenient seating that you have chosen to sit on is not a chair at all, but a decorative wall. Others have come prepared and brought comfortable seating and are sitting center stage enjoying the music.

Maybe it is best that you sit in the boonies away from the music, the gyration of the young adults wiggling their bodies would distract you from hearing our own personal concert.

I am sure that if you were to dig into your savings you would be able to hire this band and have them play in your living room, in an air conditioned house, while you sit on your La-Z-Boy recliner, sipping your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

I not sure why you are shushing me to begin with since the producer of the event has hired me to entertain at this family music festival. Have you considering moving closer? You can actually see and hear the event. I was up there and the people are friendly and are really into the band, but on second thought, they are singing along with the band, which may cause you to hyperventilate while shushing people.

In addition, before you shush an entertainer, you may want to shut off your phone. I think the people around you know that you are at a concert at the mall. May I suggest that you turn up the phone volume, this way you will not have to shout into your cell phone.

I am here to entertain, put smiles on faces, and create a fun atmosphere, yet it is hard to avoid the self-centered people in the world. People wonder why an entertainer can be “on-edge”. Entertaining, as much fun as it is, is stressful because our world is not just 2-5 people in the group, but the entire audience.

Each different gust of wind that hits my face on a breezy day, that is what it is like to entertain the public. Every person is in a different mood. Most are good, some are cranky, and others are just strange. All I can do is smile and enjoy the roller-coaster of life, taking the good with the bad.

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