Entertainer Becomes A Master Craftsman

Tool - Drill made from balloonsHammer in hand, screws and dowel rods skewed all over the floor, I methodically put together my son’s new dresser. With a twist of the wrist, I put the final screw into the drawer and it glides perfectly back in to place. I could do this for a living, I have the tools, the knowledge, and the skills to be a Master Carpenter, I think.

I am not sure if this is the feeling IKEA has in mind when you assemble their furniture, but after reading through the detailed instructions, I was able to assemble eight dresser drawers without looking at the instructions. I am now a Master Craftsmen who can do it all. Each drawer was perfect and now I feel I can do this with my eyes closed.

I am sure this is how newbie’s feels after watching a YouTube video teaching them how to make a balloon figure. “That was easy. I am now as good as a seasoned professional.”

I grew up watching The New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram and This Old House with Bob Vila. I remember sitting on the couch with my father watching This Old House having this conversation.

“See that guy there?”

“Yah,” I replied.

“He’s pounding in nails with his left hand!”

Sure enough, the carpenter was striking each nail with precession, pounding each nail with either his left hand or right hand. Each blow was identical, no matter which hand he used.

Over the years, I have accumulated the tools of the trade. I have my table saw, power miter saw, band saw, drill presses, router, jointer, circular saw, drill bits, hammers, grinders, nail gun, brad nailer, and all the other things that make me feel like a professional craftsman.

To my credit, I have built a dresser from scratch. Plans came directly from my head and it works perfectly. I can drive a nail in with my left hand. As long as you do not mind hammer imprints in the wood where I missed, I can do it.

Yet, I am not a Master Carpenter. I have the tools, basic experience, access to the Internet and knowledge databases which give me the feeling that I can do anything. However, when you compare a professional to an amateur, there is a world of difference between the amateur and the professional, who is awesome to watch.


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