Entertainer Needs A Game Clock

Mother with KidsIt is Sunday afternoon and I sit on the edge of my seat, screaming at the TV – “Get him!” Aaron Rodgers eludes Lance Brigs and runs for a first down.  Rodgers instinctively, like a mother with eyes behind her head, knows exactly what is happening and in Rodgers’ case, knows when he needs to run for his life.  As a balloon entertainer, I may not have a 244lb linebacker trying to rip-off my head, but I do have that mother approaching with four kids in tow — I need to know when it is time to pack it up and run.

I have learned that being punctual is a two-lane street.  Not only do I need to arrive on time and be ready when scheduled, but also when it comes time to leave I must be aware of my time.  It is very easy to over shoot your scheduled end time and not only disrupt the event, but financially it is like trying to heat a house with the windows open and it is only ten degrees outside.  Not smart.

Years of experience has taught me to wear a watch.   It does not have to be expensive, just accurate. Having it strapped to my wrist allows me to use my peripheral vision like a NFL Quarterback and see when it is time to elude new arrivals,  time to speed up the action, run out the game clock, or just knowing how to control the tempo of the event.  I have learned something as simple a wearing a watch has helped me become a better entertainer.

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