Entertainer Goes Blank


I am drawing a blank on what to write in today’s blog. It happens to me when a child says “Surprise me”. I look down; fumble thought my balloon apron searching for that special balloon or color that will trigger an idea. My mind races as if I have chugged-down 20 red bulls. My mind is still blank, then I stop, look at the person and BAM! It hits me. Problem solved.

Did this just happen to me tonight? Did I just write a blog? Its funny how the mind works, force it to do something and it fights you every way. I can compare this to the Elvis’s head design I made. I used a black heart and placed a pinch twist in the center of the heart to get the swoop. I went  through a dozen hearts before it worked. With each twist, I found that I was forcing it less and manipulating it more until the knot held.

I guess that is what happened to me tonight, I let my mind relax and before I know it, ideas just started to stream into my head. Would I say this was a post that made you say “wow”. Probably not, but I hope Elvis impressed you a little bit.


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