Ensuring Your Halloween Balloons Are Seen

Didn’t make any Halloween balloons

Hours are spent creating new balloon designs for the holidays, and very few people get to see these designs. Just recently, I read a Facebook posting from an entertainer who entertained at a Halloween party. When the party was over, they realized they did not make any Halloween balloons. This is not unusual and happens frequently if the entertainer does not present the holiday balloon figure from the beginning. Giving kids a choice is a novel idea, but kids do not grasp the overall selection, nor do the parents. Allowing the audience to dictate the request is great if you are an unskilled entertainer who does their basic everyday balloon figure.

One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater

I have learned over the years that I must control the party. Give the child a selection of Halloween-themed balloon figures right from the start. Once I establish that I am making Halloween balloon figures, the kid’s imagination grows, and they start asking for bizarre requests like Zombies eating brains, Witches on brooms, and black cats.

Clients hire me for my skills, and I want to make sure I showcase my work at their party. Falling back on work that they have seen before does not create a “WOW” factor and prevents guests from asking, “Do you have a card?” You want to ensure the guest complement the client on the excellent work you do.  That’s what gets you the referrals and clients coming back.

The party is under my control, and I can dictate how detailed, how big, what style, and how cool to make the balloon figure. If its linework or a party takes control of the audience from the beginning, everything falls into place once you establish what and how you are doing it. The client, audience, and you will have a great time at the Halloween Party.

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