The Scary Thought – Do I Have COVID?

Could I Have Covid?

I admit it for a moment. I questioned myself,  do I have Covid?

Fishing was slow, my mind was struggling with what I do for a living as Covid has shut down the entertainment industry, and at that moment, I felt hot. A slight chill hit my body, and the thought popped into my head. “Do I have a fever”?

In that split second, my mind raced to all the events, people, and family I’ve interacted with this past week. A soft wind blew across my face, and the sweat dripped down when I realized that the breeze picked up, the humidity level was high, and it was just my body cooling itself off. It wasn’t a fever, only my mind going to the wrong place.

Self-diagnosis is what we’re asked to do every day. If we head to work, enter a public building, or family gathering, your present health status is a concern to everyone.

So you might be surprised that when I’m being hired to entertain at parties, very few questions are asked about my present health status as the focus is always on cost, and health safety is less of an issue.

In this video, I tell my experience working on five different events and how Covid-19 safety issues were not enforced.

Here Are Three Things I feel Should Be Addressed When Hiring An Entertainer During The Covid-19 Pandemic.

  1. Face masks – Like or dislike them as professionals, we should consider safety a critical issue and be addressed when talking with a potential client.
  2. Cleaning of equipment – Surface cleaning of highly touched props should be addressed and cleaned between shows.
  3. Show area – Inside vs. outside makes a big difference in the number of guests, social distancing, and what type of show would best suit the event.

I use rational common sense to dictate how I address each event with regards to Covid-19.  I hope you do the same and tell me what you do to help your customers during the hiring process.  Your advice might help an entertainer when talking with a potential customer.

The Scary Thought - Do I Have COVID?
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The Scary Thought - Do I Have COVID?
A brief article on self-diagnosis covid-19 and questions a client should hire an entertainer.
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  1. I totally agree with your topic on the covoid regulations…..ppl need to be concerned for vendors and those being entertained, unfortunately not all ppl use their common sense. Im glad your back out there entertaining, especially with this going on.

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