Discover Tinley 2008

For the past several years I have been performing my comedic kid’s balloon entertaining for the local residence attending Discover Tinley Community Expo. In 2005, I started bringing a large display piece to aid in drawing attention to balloon entertainment service. Not that I really need to — lines are always 20 people deep waiting for a balloon. What did surprise me this year, was one of my display pieces from 2005 (a guy twisting balloons) was featured on the front cover of the 2008 program. This year my schedule didn’t allow for a display piece, but here is the one from the cover of the program.

Me on the cover of the Tinley Park Expo Program

Picture for the gallery below

This picture is from Discover Tinley 2006 Expo. I was so exhausted of hearing people quoting the wedding crasher movie – can you make me a bike? I had to make one! Now, when asked that question, I say “did you see the outtake where Vince Vaughn beats the crude out to the kid”. A balloon entertainer wishful thought.

Display piece for Discover Tinley Exp 2005

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