Developing 1st Birthday Party Marketing Strategy

Baby's First Birthday Party

A baby’s 1st birthday party is a special occasion for many families.  Parents dig deep into their pockets to through a lavish birthday party for family and friends.  Entertainers have to realize that parties that have extra meaning to the client will spend more money.  These are the events that an entertainer can add extras to increase their revenue.

Consider many 1st birthday parties, parents cater food, bring in tents, tables or hold the event at a restaurant or banquet hall. This will allow the entertainer to suggest centerpiece arrangements, balloon décor, or more entertainers.

Over the years, I have seen entertainers sell goodie bags, game prizes, and craft projects.  This takes a typical entertainer into a full-service birthday party planner.  Now, this is not for all entertainers.  Entertainers like myself prefer to go to a birthday party, entertain, and continue to the next event.  I am an entertainer, not an event coordinator. However, I do work with party planners and entertainers who provide additional services, or as they like to call it, the up-sell packages. I network with these businesses and keep my name at the tip of their tongue.

Keeping your name in front of a party planner may require some work on your part.  You have to make sure you recommend the planner when you are hired for that 1st birthday party.  Referrals are how many businesses track how valuable a business relationship is and if it should be maintained.

The goal is to work with businesses that deal in 1st birthday parties.  The more involved you get with these companies, the more 1st birthday parties you will do.  Remember that 1st birthday parties are a big business, and many companies will not just roll over and give you their 1st birthday clients. You will need to build a working relationship with these companies.

If you are an entertainer who works at a restaurant that caters to or has a banquet room, talk with the manager and inquire if they have any 1st birthday parties scheduled.  The restaurant manager has a working relationship with you, and providing you with the customer’s contact information should be no problem.  Call the contact and let them know you are an entertainer who works for the restaurant and would like to send them some information about your entertainment service.  If they can give you an email address, you can send them your information to review, including your contact information.

Other areas to market for 1st birthday parties are pediatricians, pediatric dental offices, bakeries, and private kids clothing outlets.  Remember, these people will not say “NO,” so try to find their clients who can recommend you or introduce yourself to the receptionist.  The receptionist is the one that controls what goes on her counter.  If she likes you or your service, she will let you place a stack of business cards on her counter.  These ideas should help you get started working 1st birthday parties.

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