Defeating the STRESS of finding things to Blog on.

overloadBlogging is one of the fastest ways to the front page of Google. With that being said I know how hard it is to always have fresh content to blog on, and how time consuming it can become.  Many people think that because of how hard it can be to think of new topics that it is better just not to do it. Well I am here to help you fix that problem because Blogging is the best way to generate followers who want to hear from you, and to set yourself up as the authority.

Step 1 Decide what you enjoy writing about that is related to your industry.

This can be just about anything for an entertainer. The most important aspect of this step is be creative. Also don’t limit yourself to just 1 aspect of this keep in mind that I suggest 3 blog categories (check out my Blogging for Business video).

Let me help you get creative. And think of a handful of ideas.

Party Planning Tips, Decorating Tips, Party games, Party themes, Party crafts, Cupcake recipes (I love this one), Kid crafts, activities for family around town, and MANY MANY MORE.

Make sure it is something you enjoy and that you don’t mind writing about.

Step 2 Finding fresh content to inspire the writing, and take off the stress of coming up with topics.

What you thought that you had to come up with content off the top of your head, and you have to be the expert already on the topic to write about it. WRONG! I have one blog that we publish 3 articles a week to and I still know very little on the topic, but it is seen as a site for expert advice. WHY? Because we get good content ideas from industry experts and base what is said off of what others are saying.

The way to do this research is simple. I even taught you how to do this yesterday.


So you’ve picked your topic now you head BACKOVER to Google Alerts and and start building alerts. Your going to want to make it a comprehensive Alert, and I have them emailed to me once a week, as this gives me enough information to write 3 or 4 blog posts.

This not only can help you find great content to write about but it can also help you track trends. What’s the hottest Birthday Theme this season, and do you have a party package themed to that YET?

Until Tomorrow.

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