Dates & times are important.

Entertainers Tip 4
October 5, 2002, update notice – Restaurant Calendar

If I was going to secretarial school, one of the first lessons that would be taught is to document every telephone call with a date and time. This is common business practice. But, do we do it?

I received a call on my pager, my entertainment telephone number, and I jotted down the usual stuff, name, telephone number – and that’s it.

Later that day I received another call, I did the same thing, name, and number. On the counter are three more scraps of paper that have names and numbers – I’m positive that I called these people, but how old are these names? Then I remember what I read from Jimmy Leo’s Of Clouds and Balloons book on balloon business; document all messages with a date and time! Hey, I should know this from work!

Whenever a secretary takes a message there is always date and time. Boy, am I a lousy secretary, and this is for my own business. From now on I document the date and time of the call, after all, it only takes a second to write it down.

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