The Dark Side of Turkey Meat

Where is the bacon on a turkey?

I’ve been eating turkey all my life and every since I was a kid the drumstick was my favorite piece of meat.  Yes, I’m on the dark side of poultry eating.  Some will tell you to eat white meat, that it is healthier for you, but people who eat the white meat smother it with gravy.  It’s kind of like eating fast-food with a diet soda, they cancel each other out. Yeah, right.

People will tell you to eat turkey bacon instead of bacon because it is good for you.  Now, its been my job for many years now to carve the turkey and at no time have I ever seen turkey bacon.  So with that said, I had to Google turkey bacon.

The thigh of the turkey which is cured or uncured, smoked, chopped, and reformed into strips to resemble traditional bacon is turkey bacon.

Isn’t the thigh dark meat? The same dark meat that people say isn’t healthy for you.  But, when you cut it into thin slices and call it turkey bacon it’s now healthy?  I’ve seen people eat turkey bacon and they eat it by the pound, but those are the same people who’ll never eat dark meat.

Therefore, I concluded that there are more people on the dark side of poultry eating than expected.  So come join the dark side this Thanksgiving. Toss a big old drumstick onto the plate and think of it as the best tasting turkey bacon you’ve ever eaten.

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