Being Creative With Balloons – People Make A Living Do This

Being Creative with Balloons

“The possibilities are endless” my college friend Bill would say.  That saying has become an earworm that has never left my head.

When the average person sees a balloon, I wonder what their first thought is?

An over perfective mother might say “Choking hazard,” a father may say, “A creative toy,” a teenager will see it like a giant rubber band just waiting to be stretched and smacked on a sibling’s arm.  A child may see it as a balloon dog.

In my mind, I am continually looking for a unique way to use a balloon that people would say, “That’s cool.”

Being creative with balloons has the earworm leading me to new adventures with balloons and the cool part is the possibilities are endless.

Balloons in a Speech.

Balloon Props

Balloons and Drawings


Sometimes you have to look at #balloons from a totally different perspective. 😍 😉💗👍#linedraw #drawings #face #illustration #picture #dancer #ballerina #instaartist #illusion #bellybutton #dress #fashion #balloonmagazine

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Balloons in a Flag.

The story behind the flag.


Balloons As Art, Portraying Life


Balloons to the Rescue


Balloons as a MEME



Balloons as a School Project


#snoopy sleeping on a #gingerbreadhouse. #balloonanimals #balloontwisting #PutATwistOnIt 👍

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Balloon Interpreted of a Presentation

1st ever balloon interpretation of a TED talk.

Balloons As a Stage Act


A balloon as a Marshmallow Launcher

And there is still more to do.  The possibilities are just endless.

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