Have two great balloon designs and combining them to make one really cool balloon animal/figure.  Go for it!

Expanding your thinking and combine ideas. Being creative is a great thing to be.  Simple things like putting a driver on a motorcycle or adding a bee to a flower are those extra touches that make the design unique.  However, do not get too clever and get yourself into a pickle.  If I am the creative person controlling the design, I dictate all its dimensions and what the finished product will be.  If a child dictates the outcome, look out.

Combining or adding on is done mainly for the entertainers sanity.  After making 500 dogs, you figure, why not toss a bone in the dog’s mouth.  Then every dog will have a bone, next the cat will need a toy, and the never-ending request for combining multiple-balloon figures has begun. Children are creative and once they realize they can request additional options there is no stopping their onslaught of outlandish requests.

I found the best time to combine figures is for special occasions. This gives me an automatic out on why that person is extra special and received a two balloon figure, while everyone else gets one. Nevertheless, do not hinder yourself by not adding on, when possible.  At a private party, add-on to a design, give it that “wow factor”, but when your back is pinned against the wall and kids are smothering you,  combine comedy and charm into your work. Wow them with personality to get yourself out of the pickle, not a second balloon.

Combining balloons when in a pickle is just asking for an onslaught of time consuming requests that will be more work then you signed up for.  Combine figures wisely and you will have a blast coming up with new designs.

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