Christ on the Cross Pt 1

This is great for church services, vacation bible schools, Sunday Schools…anything to do with Christian ministry and teaching others about Christ. John Holmes has a multi balloon Christ on the Cross presentation that is just phenomenal. Get his video/DVD if you can find it. It’s awesome!

This one will be done in two parts. The first part, how to make a cross out of one balloon is today. Tomorrow, we will learn how to twist a one balloon Christ figure and how to put it all together.

Part One- The Cross

  1. Inflate a 260, leaving a 3-4 inch tail. Twist a 5-inch bubble, a three-inch bubble, three one-inch bubbles and another three-inch bubble. Connect the first and the 6th joint.
  2. Ear twist and divide in half the third and fifth bubble. Divide those in half.
  3. Pop the 4th bubble (marked with a dot in the diagram)
  4. Twist two 1-inch bubble and eartwist those. Put one ear twist in the front of the cross and one in the back.



Pretty simple huh? Can you think of any other uses for this, besides a cross?

See you tomorrow for the rest of this creation!

Keep on Twistin!

Bill Beatty

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