Choking on a Biodegradable Balloon

I was googling the net and found this blog Green Sexy Balloons—Fun and Biodegradable? Now it’s common knowledge to balloon entertainers that latex twisting balloons are biodegradable and the manufacture tells us that a latex balloon will biodegrade as fast as an oak leaf. What I found interesting was the biodegradable information was part of the show. Not only is this information educational, but as entertainers we should include this information in our marketing materials. Since the environment or green movement is in vogue and companies are looking for environmental friendly business.

Balloon Decorators can advertise environmentally friendly balloon designs. Eliminate the Mylar balloons and do more deco-twisting. Not only will we be creating earth friendly balloon displays, but we’ll be using less helium, nylon string and curling ribbon.

What I find upsetting is the round balloon stigma is associated with the balloon twisting industry. It is common knowledge that balloons are a choking hazard. Written on every bag is: Warning Choking Hazard as mandated by The Choking Hazard Awareness Act, but as balloon entertainers who normally use a 260 twisting balloon, we are very careful who receives a balloons.

Here is what gets me… If we look at the number of round balloons that are give out, used at birthday parties, and bought by the average consumer versus the number of balloons used by the balloon twisting community; we’d come to find out on any given weekend, more round balloons are used in one day then the entire balloon twister community uses in a month.

If we look at the number of balloons released, on purpose or accident, in a years time would exceed the number of balloons use by the twisting community. But this stigma of the round balloon carries over into the balloon entertainment business, so we need to inform our customer that balloons for little tikes is a choking hazard and balloons are ok for the environment – there are biodegradable.

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  1. Yes, latex balloons are biodegradable, so one not need to worry when mass balloon launches are executed. As far as balloons being a choking hazard, well, sure—anything small could be a choking hazard to a kid. Parents just have to be diligent and keep an eye on what their children play with.

  2. I so enjoy your information. i am a face painter more than a balloonist, but I had to learn a few balloons to survive. I have about 10 that I can do. Pray for me LOL this sat I am doing a grand opening for three hours at a New Jump Zone event, i have been requested to do balloons only. He feels there will be apox 300 plus kids thru the Jump Zone in the time allotted, I am planning on doing a lot of pre blown balloons that I can twist quickly. Wish I had your expertise in my ball park.

    Thanks for all of your information

    Clowning around with
    IF-E The clown

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