Chicago Trade Show Presenter – Dale Obrochta

Chicago Trade Show Presenter – Dale Obrochta

Dale is a master presenter who knows how to present and draw people into your 10 x 20 booth. His unique balloon promotions and presentation will make your booth standout from the competition.  Dale’s ability to communicate, entertain, and build audience will astonish customers in to believing that Dale is an employee of the company.

Dale’s objective is simple, bring people in to the booth, determine potential customers, and gather quality sales leads. Dale understands marketing. If he didn’t, you would be on somebody else’s website reading their information. Just like at a trade show, you have to draw people in, get their attention, educate, and get then to respond!   Respond now by calling Dale (708) 744-0234

Dale is a clean cut trade show presenter who knows the trade show business and can use his experiences and skills to make your trade show a success.   Dale can present your product or service in a manner that will position your company front and center.  His creative balloon skills will draw them to your booth allowing him to present your company in a fashion that is not only entertaining, but educational.   Dale relies on his communication training, professional educator experience, and his knowledge of the trade show business to make you and your company standout. Make Dale part of your trade show team, call today (708) 744-0234.

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  1. My wife loves that mall, her cousin is one of the marketing people there, Stacy is the name. I bet you had a good day there with all the foot traffic.
    Take care and keep up the great presentations, I do not know how you manage such a busy schedule.

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