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TargetI recently read, 25% of the people who post in Facebook are more interested in how people respond to their post then what other people are actually posting.  It is all about posting a comment and reactions it receives.  I have friends who say they only look for the videos and photos; if it is a long text, they skip right over it and move on.  It is easy to click the like button, and not leave a comment.  If it involves a login process, forget it.  People feel it is time consuming to respond, but interesting enough they will spend hours scrolling about looking at pictures of people they do not know.

Strangely enough, these same people do not twitter because they do not want to read 140 characters.  These people are 100% visually stimulated and post pictures and videos to get a responds to feel complete.

People avoid blogging because they feel they “have nothing to say”, but I feel it is more about not getting people to respond deters more people from blogging.  It is easier to toss up a picture in Facebook or do a YouTube video, you will get a larger audience and a bigger reaction.

If people are becoming more visually stimulated then this benefits the balloon artists, decorators and entertainers.  However, like a blogger who searches for new ideas to express quickly falls into the pit trap of looking for interesting material to write.  You have just completed a design, posted it, and watched the “like” climb in popularity and ten minutes later, you think… “What do I do next?”

Being the center of attention is difficult to maintain and with the speed of technology, people’s attention span is getting smaller. Attention only lasts as long as your picture or video stays at the top of the Facebook thread.  So where is your energy best spent, focusing on being the center of attention or working harder to be a better entertainer?

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