OMG Thanksgiving First, Please!

When November ends, should Easter decorations appear? Every year stores push Christmas earlier and earlier. Decorations are up minutes before Halloween ends. But what about Thanksgiving, you know, the holiday when families get together and share a meal? I log on to Facebook to see what other entertainers are doing and what do I see…Christmas … Read more

Election Day

Balloon Artists - Magical Balloon-dude

Let me check my calendar My Google calendar tells me it’s Election Day, but there is not an election happening today, to my recollection.  As somebody who lives by their calendar appointments, I’m always double-checking to ensure I don’t have something scheduled.  Well, I always have something on my schedule, writing, marketing, playing with the … Read more

Pumpkin’s before Turkey’s

Did somebody say Turekey?

Heads may roll this Halloween night As spring gives way to summer, summer fades into the colors of fall, so too does Halloween pass to the next major holiday Thanksgiving. The blood and gore give way to sweet family values and weekend football. Sugary treats are replaced with comforting apple and pumpkin pie. Candy corn … Read more

Boney Fingers

Working your fingers to the bone in the name of entertainment Around the world entertainers wrists twists, fingers push, and standing there interacting nonstop for hours are entertainers brings joy to audiences. Over time, muscles are becoming sore, joints rub together as cartilage deteriorates, and ligaments are tearing, just in the name of entertainment. Audiences … Read more

The Fright for the Candy

Pumpkin Ghost Holloween

Every year around the USA, you will hear kids fighting, swapping, and hiding their Halloween treasures – CANDY! Candy, the monetary currency of children, allows them to learn the art of swapping, stealing, and bartering, which is to say before mom makes them drop it into one big buck.  Then it is placed on top … Read more

Halloween Hoopla

Gather the kids and bring them to Deerfield’s Annual Halloween Hoopla If you live in Deerfield, it’s time for the Annual  Halloween Hoopla at the Deerfield Park District this Saturday, October 29th, from 3:00-6:00 PM.  This Halloween event is a public event for the residents of Deerfield. Kids will be in costume, games, and balloon … Read more

The Chicken Sandwich

Did you say "Chicken Sandwich?"

Who says a rubber chicken can’t be funny The fun part of being a balloon entertainer is taking the ordinary and putting a twist on it.  For example, the chicken sandwich is not only comedic but cute. I’ve found that my audience likes to see artistry mixed with a touch of offbeat humor. I’m pretty … Read more

Those Blood Sucking Kids

An astute understanding of your audience makes for better entertainment. Being a balloon entertainer is more than having the technical skills for twisting a balloon; it requires an astute understanding of the audience your entertaining.  I like to think of it as profiling an audience. It is safe to bet that boys like blue and … Read more

Challenge Only A Child Will Think Of At Easter

Something must be in the air around Easter because the kids become creative in the balloon requests.  Their not looking, for a dog, cat, flower, or simple butterfly, but instead their imaginations come up with Mer-rabbits or do you call it Bunny-maids. These ideas are creative and as an entertainer, I find them fun to … Read more


Turducken Balloon Animal

Over the years, I  have made many Chicken,  Duck, and Turkey balloon animals, but this was my first Turducken.  The key to making a good Turducken is starting off with a small chicken – if it is too big, it will not fit into the duck – which then makes the turkey even larger. I … Read more