The Overlook Opportunity

Life just happens and if you are in tune with your environment, you know what is going on in your community. Yet, everyone is “in tune”, but watching a different TV channel. I am 47 years old and Sprout, Sponge Bob, and Disney Channel are on the TV 90% of the time. In simple terms, … Read more

Entertainer Needs A Game Clock

It is Sunday afternoon and I sit on the edge of my seat, screaming at the TV – “Get him!” Aaron Rodgers eludes Lance Brigs and runs for a first down.  Rodgers instinctively, like a mother with eyes behind her head, knows exactly what is happening and in Rodgers’ case, knows when he needs to … Read more

Defective Balloons or Failing Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights made from balloons

I do not know which is more frustrating, defective balloons or failing Christmas lights.  One lousy bulb, and I spend hours figuring out what is causing the problem.  On the other hand, I can easily detect a bad balloon in a balloon sculpture.  Yet, the bad light bulb is not intertwined among three light strands. … Read more

TurFo – The Football Fans Turkey

I have been wracking my brain all month on what type of turkey balloon figures to make for my blog.  Last year, I created several unique turkey designs, and I was stumped on what to make this year. Then it hit me like a balloon exploding in my face. Football! Football and Thanksgiving go hand … Read more

Nov, Dec – January?

Two more months Then what do I do? January will be here in a blink of an eye.  No more holiday balloons to make, no more scurrying form place to place. Or will I?  Now is the time I need to look to the future to plan, to figure, to scheme. Where will I go? … Read more


Have two great balloon designs and combining them to make one really cool balloon animal/figure.  Go for it! Expanding your thinking and combine ideas. Being creative is a great thing to be.  Simple things like putting a driver on a motorcycle or adding a bee to a flower are those extra touches that make the … Read more

Zombies Crave Kids Brains

Kids What Zombies It seems that with the popularity of video games, Zombies are trendy this year.  Kids want brain-eating Zombies instead of cute Halloween pumpkins.  I have the two Zombies that I make during Halloween.  The first Zombie has less twisting and more drawing, while the second has more twisting than drawing. Each year … Read more

Halloween Scary Faces

A practical view on how to draw Halloween scary faces Over the years, I realized that you could not pick up a marker, swirl it around, and come up with an image that you like right off the back. You draw eyes and think they should be bigger or scary looking, but it is too … Read more

Ensuring Your Halloween Balloons Are Seen

Didn’t make any Halloween balloons Hours are spent creating new balloon designs for the holidays, and very few people get to see these designs. Just recently, I read a Facebook posting from an entertainer who entertained at a Halloween party. When the party was over, they realized they did not make any Halloween balloons. This … Read more