Advice on How to Get on an Agent’s Website

Balloon marketing material

It not easy, but it is possible Getting on an agent’s website is not an easy thing to accomplish.  Over three decades, I have learned that if you want a spot on their prime real estate, their website, you really have to provide them with something they want or need. It is easy to get on … Read more

Little Voice Says, “Failure”

Balloon marketing material

This past week I was working on adding new material to my show. Like many people, the muse speaks to me just before the sandman douses me with sand. The next day, I brainstormed on new material, and several hours later, the feeling of failure slowly started to creep into my mind. The day was … Read more

Entertainer Shushed While Entertaining

Balloon Little Mermaids

In my mind, one second later… Sir, if you get your lazy butt out of the house earlier you would not be sitting at the fringe of the audience. Have you not noticed this is not the Civic Opera House, but a free music festival at an outdoor shopping mall? The convenient seating that you … Read more

Injured Entertainer, Yet Parent Demands Hello Kitty

Dale Obrochta Balloon Eye

In the midst of entertaining, a balloon explodes, allowing the outstretched remains to hurl itself back at light speed and striking with military precision the open eye of the entertainer. I have had this happen and it is an amusement ride of terror that you just cannot wait to get off. Being a professional entertainer, … Read more

One Eye’s Rule the Movies This Summer

Balloon Minion and Monsters Inc

This summer, two new movies are coming out, Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. In both movies, there are characters that I enjoy making, both of which have only one eye. Over the years, I have seen blockbuster movies come and go, but it is the movies that people buy and repeatedly watch that generate … Read more

Let There Be Light

Light on a balloon bag

Its 9:00 pm, the sun set an hour ago, and the Wisconsin’s state bird, the mosquito is buzzing about. Standing in the dark, swatting mosquitoes, exhausted from a four-hour twist fest, and the remaining kids in line still want a balloon. I only do a couple of these events each year that has me working … Read more

How to Build Followers and Get More Subscribers

Arrow with people

Over the years, I have learned that there is no quick way to build a fan base. You can try spamming everyone in the industry to “Like” your page, ask them to subscribe, beg them to follow, or just ask them to participate in a discussion, but human nature holds them back. Years ago, I read a marketing study … Read more

Making A Connection

Dale Obrochta Fish

I received good feedback from last week’s post about mobile phone apps, which sparked two phone calls asking questions, making me happy that people enjoy what I write. I have connected with them in some weird way, be it because of my love for balloon entertaining, my wacky sense of humor, or just because I have been willing to put … Read more

Outside Looking In Can Solve Your Problems

This week, I have been listing to an audio book about creativity and how it develops in the mind. The focus is not just the right brain processing, but how the right and left-brain have to work as a team to produce the ideas. I have learned that when we relax we become the most … Read more