Deli Counter Meets Balloon Entertainment

Deli ticket meme

“Number 24” yells the woman behind the deli counter. I look at my ticket, 53. It is going to be a while. I might as well do some shopping and come back later.  It does not matter how long you stand in line or where you stand, the next number is 25.  You cannot push … Read more

Balloon Entertainer Ties People Together

Balloon bracelet

Little Jimmy is running all over the place and it does not matter how loud mom yells, little Jimmy has his own objective and no authority figure will keep him from doing what he wants. Along comes a quick-witted balloon entertainer who can captivate little Jimmy’s attention for several minutes, just long enough to slap … Read more

Caution – Entertainer at Work

Balloon Dracula hand

I bend the dented aluminum can back and forth. The repetitive motion creates a hinge in the middle of the can, and it begins to weaken. Slowly a tattered tear becomes apparent in the wall of the can. With a quick pull, the aluminum can starts to rip apart. The tattered can exposes sharp aluminum … Read more

Balloon Entertainer Takes A Stand

No base balloon bottom of Minion

Have you ever tried to cook a chicken with a beer can stuck inside it? No matter how careful you are, the chick is just top-heavy and wants to fall over. Years ago, I was not sure where my mom bought this handy little device, but we had a rack that you push into the … Read more

How I Calculate Balloons Made Per Hour

Balloon Festival hat

The event is over and my pocket is bulging. Today was that rare day when everyone wanted to tip. I did not ask for it. I was not encouraging it. It just happened. The event was a two hour public event and when it was over I walked away with one $10, two $5 and … Read more

Stupid Things People Say

Picture of Dale Obrochta balloon entertaining

“You should let my 2-year-old go first,” bellows a woman standing behind the teenagers.  The four teenage girls had no idea what the woman was complaining about; they too stood in line.  “Ma’am, this is kid’s day, and they, like you, paid to get in and are entitled to balloons.”  I could see my logic … Read more

A Day Everyone Should Work

National Night Out Logo

I was skimming Facebook while my son was dosing off to sleep, and I read a friends posting that he only had the one event scheduled for August and  was hoping his phone would start to ring soon. I am not a big fan of waiting for the phone to ring, I like to chum … Read more

One Eye’s Rule the Movies This Summer

Balloon Minion and Monsters Inc

This summer, two new movies are coming out, Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. In both movies, there are characters that I enjoy making, both of which have only one eye. Over the years, I have seen blockbuster movies come and go, but it is the movies that people buy and repeatedly watch that generate … Read more

How To Charge For A Balloon Design Giving You The Greatest Profit

Balloon Cheshire Cat

Updated 2021 – How To Charge For A Balloon Design as balloon decorations move from inside banquet halls to balloon yard art. I see individuals asking balloon groups, “How to charge for a balloon design?” or “How much do you charge for a centerpiece?” Like most balloon artists, I look at what the market is … Read more

Requesting A Recommendation

Marketing material

Admit it or not, recommendations drive a significant portion of an entertainer’s business. When not actively seeking referrals from past clients, we often depend on advertising to attract new business. I’ve dedicated considerable effort to expanding my clientele over the last three decades. Despite the vigor I invest in acquiring new clients, it’s noteworthy that … Read more