Four Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hairbands in Your Balloon Twisting

Hulk Hat

A “Hairband” Even Bald Guys Can Be In A few summer’s ago, I had the good fortune of meeting, twister extraordinaire, Alberto Nava while he was on tour teaching classes on adding hairbands to one’s balloon twisting repertoire.  I was both intrigued and excited to try it, so I purchased his “Hairbands” DVD, ordered my … Read more

Balloon Entertainer Takes A Stand

No base balloon bottom of Minion

Have you ever tried to cook a chicken with a beer can stuck inside it? No matter how careful you are, the chick is just top-heavy and wants to fall over. Years ago, I was not sure where my mom bought this handy little device, but we had a rack that you push into the … Read more

One Eye’s Rule the Movies This Summer

Balloon Minion and Monsters Inc

This summer, two new movies are coming out, Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. In both movies, there are characters that I enjoy making, both of which have only one eye. Over the years, I have seen blockbuster movies come and go, but it is the movies that people buy and repeatedly watch that generate … Read more

Using Your Smartphone to Take Pictures in a Resturant

Balloon Zombie Hat

Smartphone picture quality is making it easier for me to capture balloon creations that I make while entertaining at a restaurant. Just a couple of years ago, images were dark, grainy, and unsalable for marketing. Nowadays, I use my Smartphone to record my YouTube videos blog. Yet, it does not matter how good the camera … Read more

YouTube Conundrum: Where Did It Originate

YouTube Logo

I am not 100% sure, but I think it was my father who taught me that 2 + 2 = 4. However, I could have learned it from a book. My son has beginner math books and constantly surprises me with new things he has learned. I know that E=mc2 was derived by the twentieth-century … Read more

Seven Decades of Balloon Dogs

Balloon dog made by Dale Obrochta, Balloon Artist

The first balloon design you learned is? The balloon dog. The first balloon animal, any performer, learns to twist is the balloon dog. The balloon dog has become so popular that kids demonstrate to me how they can make a balloon dog, which makes me think about how the simple balloon dog has developed over the seven decades of … Read more

Smartphone Manipulation That Makes Entertainers’ Pictures More Interesting

Balloon Dragon

  Creativity is captured with a click of a button and shared with millions. When I first started out, you needed to shoot 12, 24 or 36 photos before taking the roll of film in to the store to be developed. Then, if you were lucky, you would scan and post the picture to a bulletin … Read more

Ten Ways to Dull a Sharp Fingernail

Balloons spinning, fingers flying, and oh crap,  I just split a fingernail while popping a balloon.  I pop balloons by pinching the balloon between the index fingernail and thumbnail.  With a tearing twist, the balloon pops and I am off twisting again. After a while, the nail gets weak and one nail just tears into … Read more

List of Balloon Groups On Facebook

There are many Facebook groups for balloon artists.   Some are private groups – invite only.  There are even secret balloon groups.  Oops, the first rule is you are not supposed to talk about these secret groups, unless your in the group. If your in a secret group, pull out your decoder rings and start decoding the … Read more