Non-Gamer Builds Sonic the Hedgehog out of Twisting Balloons

If the client wants Sonic the Hedgehog, then you have to develop a design for it. I’m not into gaming, and when a client asks for a particular game character I have to do an Internet search on the character.  I’ve seen Sonic the Hedgehog, but never played the game or made the character.  So, … Read more

Halloween Pumpkin Twist

Halloween is one of the  creative and funnest times of the year for balloon entertainers.  But sometimes we over look the basics and try to make things more complicated then they need to be.  There’s no rule book that says we cannot take something as simple as a balloon pumpkin and infuse a little variety, … Read more

Grundy County Balloon Scrap Flamingo

Are those Special Balloons? People are always asking, “Are those special balloons you use?”  I laugh and tell them “Yes, they’re trained to do make these shapes.” I was cleaning up the area after a balloon show and getting ready for my next performance when this balloon scrap was pointed out to me by my … Read more

September is Internation Balloon Month – Feel the Breeze!

September Internatinal Balloon Month - Balloon Politician

Wow, it starts in September with the politicians making promises and boasting about their accomplishments – do you feel the wind.  Imagine if we could harness all that hot air and put in to a balloon.  Balloon Artists around the world would not need a balloon pump, but could recycle the hot air being spewed … Read more

The Pooh Factor

Winnie the Pooh

Mom, Dad made Pooh Well, if your a balloon artists you know that Winnie the Pooh has a new movie coming out this week and that means the requests will be coming for Pooh characters.  The beloved Pooh is worshiped by many adults and I find it is mostly requested for babies. For years, Pooh … Read more

I’m in the Newspaper… Again

Who really care’s if you’re in the newspaper? I was watching an entertainer’s promo video and in the middle of the video were pictures from newspapers that he appeared in.  I thought to myself, “Hasn’t every entertainer been in the newspaper?”  What is so special about that?  I guess it’s special for the entertainer, but … Read more

Laundering Money

Having two small kids in the house, out of town family arriving, my son’s second birthday party this week, and a wife trying to clean, wash, and fold anything that sits in one spot for too long  something was going to happen.  Well it happened; a shirt that had a check in it was washed, … Read more

Balloon Animals aren’t Corny

Balloon Animals - Corn, made by balloon artist Dale Obrochta

Balloon Animals Kids Favorites Over the last decades balloon animals have evolved from simplistic designs to an artistic media that is creativity limitless. The pallet of balloon colors is ever increasing along with size of the twisting balloons.  Ideas once dreamed of being created are now showing up on fashion runways and in art galleries. … Read more


Your sports team can be having the best or worst season in their history of existence and fans will make a requests for their beloved team logo. Reproducing these logos can be difficult. Metamorphose of lettering into an animal or letters that overlap, make it impossible or very tricky to reproduce. Yet fans will request … Read more

The Mouse Draws a Crowd

It’s been years since Mickey Mouse has made a movie, but his popularity has not died. Young and old all know the famous ears. Once the general public gets wind that you can make it, the demand skyrockets.  Balloon artists are excited to see new designs for this beloved character, even thou “their” Mickey is … Read more