Defective Balloons or Failing Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights made from balloons

I do not know which is more frustrating, defective balloons or failing Christmas lights.  One lousy bulb, and I spend hours trying to figure out what is causing the problem.  On the other hand, I can easily detect the bad balloon in a balloon sculpture.  Yet, the bad light bulb is not intertwined among three … Read more

November is for Turkey’s

Turkey Balloon Hat

Thanksgiving is on my mind… The leaves have fallen; lawnmowers are being stored and replaced with snow blowers. Summer clothes are being stored away, and lost money is found in coats hoarded from years past. The warmth of the furnace reminds me summer has gone. Yet, the night sky is clear, and the stars shine … Read more

Zombies Crave Kids Brains

Kids What Zombies It seems that with the popularity of video games, Zombies are trendy this year.  Kids want brain-eating Zombies instead of cute Halloween pumpkins.  I have the two Zombies that I make during Halloween.  The first Zombie has less twisting and more drawing, while the second has more twisting than drawing. Each year … Read more

The Unforgotten Mouth

Summer Teeth – Some teeth here, some teeth there As an entertainer I look for the unique qualities that make people and objects standout in the crowd.  Many times it is a color combination that I study, but recently I have become fixated on a shingles commercial with Dennis Grogan, a retired firefighter.  Every time … Read more

Halloween – Ghoulishly Cute

I love Halloween as an entertainer. It is fun because of all the options I have to be creative.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, I focus on the cute balloon figures, but Halloween allows me the opportunity to explore the dark, creepy, and ghoulish side of Halloween.  This is the only time of the year … Read more

The Versatile Pumpkin

Pumpkins by the millions are sold and carved each year and the internet is littered with pictures of creative carvings and unique uses for the Halloween pumpkin. I’ve incorporated this ability to morph them into a balloon sculpture and it adds a creative flair to standard balloon sculptures.  In fact, you can take your basic … Read more

Pinterest Stealing Images

Recently my wife started looking around Pinterest and noticed a balloon frog. Several days later, she looked around my sites when she saw the same picture of the frog. Some Pinterest users like the image and pin it to their accounts. Now, it’s no big deal when it happens, bloggers have linked to images for … Read more

Planning A Birthday Party

Getting sucked into the planning Just days before my son’s 5th birthday party for the family, I  was in the car going to lunch, and my son Carter asked if he could play games at his birthday party? My wife asked, “What type of games”? Carter, “Stick the tail on the animal.” “You mean, pin … Read more

Don’t Be a Crab

What am I going to do today? The best part of my job is that I get to choose what I want to do. I can work efficiently, swiftly, and pick the jobs I want to do.  Other days, I can take on the world, tackling completed jobs that require planning, work, and perseverance.  Doesn’t … Read more

Worlds Smallest Balloon Animal

Cute Little Teddy Bear Every balloon entertainer has experience making a teddy bear, and I have done thousands of them over my career.  After a time, I can craft a teddy bear so that all dimensions are perfect in size and the details are a speck on. The world’s smallest balloon teddy bear came about … Read more