How To Reuse Old Balloon Figures For New Movie Sequels

Balloon Animals - DVD

Movie Sequels 2019 Reshaping the Balloon Twisting Industry From the new Avengers: Endgame to Aladdin, balloon artists worldwide are twisting up new and improved designs from years past. 2019 is the year of the sequels, remakes, reboots, prequels, and spin-offs. Hollywood has 14 movies coming with a potential of six more to hit the big … Read more

Cheap Way To Brand Your Entertainment

Branding Your Image

This past weekend the weather turned cool, and I dug out my jacket, which made me think? Why aren’t entertainers branding their jackets with their logo? This was popular years ago, and it’s a cheap way to brand your entertainment and advertise. Watch the video as I show you different shirts I’ve had made over … Read more

Don’t Make This Mistake While Shooting A TV Segment

WGN Morning Show back stage

When I arrive at the WGN Studio at 7:30 AM, I was greeted by the WGN helicopter landing in the parking lot.  I walk in the studio with Traffic Reporter Sarah Jindra. I was directed to the cafeteria by security to wait.  Nothing special as it just a room with vending machines, tables, two TVs … Read more

How To Get Bigger Tips

Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Thirty years entertaining and I’m still tweaking how to get people to dig deep into their pockets and pull out cash. I use a tip badge, comedic banter along with a clear tip bag showing people I’m more than willing to take their disposable money for the exchange of a balloon animal. I recently read … Read more

How To Intertwine Speaking with Balloon Art

Speaking - Balloon Twisting

What makes you different from all the others? That is the question that I and maybe you have struggled with when asked by marketing people to define your balloon business.  For me, it was how I described myself. In my mind, I see the balloon entertainment industry in three sectors. Balloon Decorators Balloon Artists Balloon … Read more

Truth About The Hospitality Industry – A Classroom Experience

Keynote Speaker Dale Obrochta wearing a blue balloon hat

Over three decades of accumulated knowledge is shared with Hospitality Students at Kendall College in one afternoon. “My job is to create a fun atmosphere, make the participants feel special, and make the guests and all those involved the stars of the show,” says Dale Obrochta as he speaks to the hospitality class at Kendall … Read more

Secret To Smiling And It’s Benefits

Smilie face balloon

Just Keep Smiling Oscar-nominated actress Diana Lane said, “I think that anybody that smiles, automatically looks better.”  I agree! Watch the news and the anchorperson, who has a pleasant smile while delivering the daily news.  You can see their bleached-white teeth that are perfectly straight while they provide the daily news. I remember the photographer … Read more

Stop! Put The Electronics Down, Say City Leaders

Post Geneva Park District Art of Inflation

  Geneva Park District challenges the community to “unplug” for a week. Geneva Park District challenges residents to get “unplugged” and leave their video games, phones, tablets, and other gadgets off for the 2nd – 6th of May. To help families overcome this struggle, the park district is offering free family events. Orland Hills, April … Read more