Stop! Put The Electronics Down, Say City Leaders

Post Geneva Park District Art of Inflation

  Geneva Park District challenges the community to “unplug” for a week. Geneva Park District challenges residents to get “unplugged” and leave their video games, phones, tablets, and other gadgets off for the 2nd – 6th of May. To help families overcome this struggle, the park district is offering free family events. Orland Hills, April … Read more

Learn How To Entertain Families At A Library

Balloon Show Midlothian Library Dale Obrochta

Fun-Filled Family Balloon Show at the Library A choreographed balloon show commands comedy, music, and balloon twisting into a 45-minute show at Midlothian Public Library. You hear giggles from children and adults laughing this afternoon at the Midlothian Public Library as families watch the balloon show Art of Inflation. A choreographed balloon show that commands … Read more

Balloon Show and Lou Malnatis Pizza at Highwood Public Library

Balloon Show and Pizza

If you were outside the meeting room, you would have heard the giggles from children and the parents’ laughter as they watched the balloon show, Art of Inflation. Right from the beginning, Dale captivates with choreographed balloon twisting to a music montage that establishes his balloon skill. An amusing tongue twister opening fascinates parents, all … Read more

The Balloon Color Pallet Dilemma

Balloon Colors

What balloon colors should an entertainer carry? Overwhelmed with balloon colors, the entertainer struggles to figure out which balloons they should buy and why would they use that color? That’s the question many beginners and some veterans of balloon entertaining ask themselves. Let’s jump in a time machine and go back to April of 1986, … Read more

Six Awesome and Shocking Changes in the Balloon Industry

Balloon colors have exploded over the years. What originally started as nine colors has now escalated to forty-seven colors. This is not counting the offbeat imprints and seasonal balloon colors. Instructional books dwindle as fewer are being produced. Yet YouTube is fueled by thousands of individuals teaching balloon techniques once only taught in books and … Read more

Mind Mapping “AWESOME”

Dale Obrochta

It bugs me when I see the same message posted or tweeted over and over again on a friend’s social media site because they have associated all the sites together. As a result, I’ve mind mapped my social media tweets and post to ensure I don’t spam my followers. The concept of mind mapping was … Read more

Entertainer Creates Awesome TEDxNaperville Stage

Balloon Animals Featured Blog Post, by Balloon Artist Dale Obrochta

The room goes black at TEDxNaperville and there in glowing neon balloons is the cryptic word “awesome”. Balloon entertainer Dale Obrochta has visually mind mapped Jill Shargaa’s presentation, “ Please, Please, People, Let’s Put the Awe Back in Awesome” out of twisting balloons. “This was a first for any TED/TEDx talk”, says TEDxNaperville producer Arthur … Read more

Entertainers Survive Flood and Makes Client Look Good in the Process

Forest Marketing Material

The sky darkens and rain comes down in buckets. There I stand before a line of twenty people looking to the sky as the rain comes down. My first reaction is to protect my equipment and flee, but fleeing is not an option. To the right of me is Dave Evans under his hot dog … Read more

Simple Balloon Design, Creates Big Impact.

Balloon Decoration made by balloon artist, Dale Obrochta

When I have time, I peruse the Internet looking at pictures and on this on particular evening while waiting for my son to fall asleep, I saw a picture posted by an Asian balloon artist. What caught my eye was the weave in the middle of the flower. It reminds me of a pattern that … Read more