California Blackout – Presidential Candidates Need to Voice Their Opinion

It is nice to know that anybody who would like to cause a major blackout in California can do so by simply releasing a store bought Metallic (Mylar) balloon into electrical power lines. According to the Los Angeles Times, metallic balloons, which have caused 63 power outages in Burbank since 1993, and can cost businesses $220,000 or more each minute. So Senator Jack Scott (D-Altadena) is spearheading a bill SB 1499 that reads:

The bill prohibits the sale or distribution of “any balloon that is constructed of electrically conductive material, and filled with a gas lighter than air, or any balloon filled with a gas lighter than air that is attached to an electrically conductive string, tether, streamer, or other electrically conductive appurtenance,” beginning on January 1, 2010, violators of the bill are subject to either an infraction or a misdemeanor penalty, as specified.

Hello, these are helium balloon purchased at your local balloon store. Now, if a Las Vegas casino has a grand opening and decides to have a major balloon release and one of those balloons is Mylar — travels into California and finds themselves in California electrical lines, look out, major blackout in California. So we now have to band balloons in every state to save California?

Why is it that politicians like to shutdown small business by enacting laws that should more address the problems of the electrical company not improving their product, but instead looking to pass a bill to hurt the local economy and business?

According to the Los Angeles Times: Scott said he introduced the ban, in Senate Bill 1499, at the request of Burbank officials concerned that businesses, including major movie studios, are losing power too frequently because of balloon-triggered outages.

Major movie studios – which produce mostly poor quality movies, lack imagination and make billions of dollars in revenue. I know little business like myself have backup equipment. Besides, how do these companies run when their out in the jungle shooting the new action adventure move.

They use backup generators!

So spare me Senator Scott if I don’t feel sorry for the multi-million dollar movie studios. I’m more concerned about the small businesses that make the United States successful. Those are the people you should be assisting, not protecting large multi-million dollar companies like the movie studios and electric companies.

I think it is time that the balloon community and entertainers of the world united to help defect bill SB 1499 and I’m calling upon the McCain, Clinton, Obama, Governor Schwarzenegger to lobby on behalf of small balloon business thought the US.

YOU WANT OUR VOTE – Help us defeat California Bill SB 1499

If you candidates are really concerned about changing and helping business, then show your support and help us defeat SB 1499. Save small business – bills like these will hurt the local economy. People will simply buy their balloons from neighboring cities or order Mylar balloons online and buy helium at Toy R Us.

Make your voice heard…. We need your help… please email every politician running for any office. Notify every politician if they vote for this bill you will actively campaign against their re-election. We need the entertainment community to help the balloon entertainment business.

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Contact these people now!

Governor Schwarzenegger

John McCain

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Senator Jack Scott

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The Balloon Council

If your a balloon distributor then you should get in touch with the Balloon Council – The Balloon Council (TBC), an organization of retailers, distributors and manufacturers, was formed in 1990 to educate consumers and regulators about the wonders of foil and latex balloons and the proper handling of them.

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