Business should know thy Limitations

Limitations-CrowdGrowing a business is a daunting task and too often bad economic decision-making are responsible for putting a company into financial jeopardy. Some bad decision can put a small company out of business.  Rapid growth can be disastrous to a small company in bad economic times. Equipment, talent, expense, budgeting are just some of the many problems that rear its ugly head when a company bids on or takes on jobs that they cannot accomplish.

I have seen this in the entertainment field where an entertainer is struggling for work, accepts a job that their skills are not suited for and fails.  Knowing ones abilities, both positive and negative can make a small business excel in their industry.

The industry that I work in is the balloon entertainment industry. Yes, it is an industry.  Many balloon entertainers mindset is simple, when taking on a gig that they don’t quality for – “I am an entertainer, I can learn the skill quickly by watching a DVD or a YouTube video or I have a couple days until the event, so I will practice a couple times.” This thinking is inadequate. If you place this entertainer side-by-side with a skilled professional, who has honed their craft into an art, you will see a major difference in quality and presentation. Simple things like appearance, props,  comedic timing and patter are glaring differences between amateur and the true professional.

Now, you can argue that these experiences helps an individual grow, but I disagree.   Taking on a job that is not in your talent skill level is not in your best interest.  I would rather see an entertainer be honest with themselves and the client, while understanding their limitations and skills.

Honest communication between the client and the entertainer is critical to building a solid business relationship. For example, a client calls and requests a 45-minute stage act.  You have never done a stage act before. Mentally and professional you do not have the props, sound equipment or experience to do a stage act–let alone 45 minutes of quality material.  Your skills consist of roving balloon entertainment with jokes tossed about.  This is when knowing thy limitations helps – TAKE A PASS on this job.  Be honest with the client and tell them that this is not your specialty.  Your specialty is roving entertainment.  Be helpful and offer to work with them on securing the right entertainment.  It is better to turn down the job, help find a qualified entertainer, and in the eyes of the client, you are a genius.

Knowing thy limits makes it easy to become a great entertainer.  Remember the old saying…Jack of all trades or master of none.  Become a master, focus your skills and resources and you will see that you have no limitations once you become a master.

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