How to Make a Bulldog Balloon Animal

Yes, this is made out of only one balloon. Think small. Think tiny bubbles. The first few times you try this, you will probably run out of balloon. That’s OK. You will get the proportions right. I cannot take credit for this creation. It’s an example of what you can learn when you share at conventions. A clown from Mexico created this. I forgot his name though. Excellent detail!

1. Twist two ½ inch bubbles. Ear twist the second bubble and arrange as shown. This forms the lower lip of the bulldog.


2. Twist three more ½ inch bubbles, as shown.
bulldog#23. Arrange bubbles, as shown, so there is one ear twist in the middle and one on each side of that middle one. This forms the nose and the cheeks of the bulldog.

4. Twist yet another ear twist, divide it in half and rest those tiny bubbles behind the other three ear twists. See picture.


This forms the eyes of the bulldog.

5. Twist two one-inch bubbles.
bulldog#56. Lock twist those two together. This is pretty tight.
bulldog#67. Pull the nozzle of the first bubble through the lock twisted bubbles and arrange as shown.

8. Twist five- ½ inch bubbles, lock twist them together as shown in the picture.

9.  Ear twist the second and the fourth bubbles. Point the ears forward. This forms the head of the bulldog.

10. Complete the bulldog with a basic dog body or the fancier body



(See examples.) Mark the face as shown.

Give this animal a chance. It is small, detailed and impressive, yet only requires one balloon.  Enjoy!

Keep on Twistin!

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  1. This is adorable! Any ideas on how to make an authentic multiple balloon pit bull? Been trying to figure it out for months.

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