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Block Party Ideas

Block Party Ideas: balloon entertainer

Block Party Ideas seen by an Entertainer.

Being a professional balloon entertainer I have been performed at many block parties and have seen many successful and cool block party ideas.

Here are some block party ideas to help make your block party a success.

Block Party Ideas #1 Kid crowd control - To insure every kid on the block receives a balloon or gets their face painted, I would suggest giving each house on the block a badge/wrist bracelet that identifies the kid as living on this block. This will give these kids a special priority, thus eliminating kids that attend from other neighborhoods. If time remains, the entertainer can entertain kids without the bracelet.

Block Party Ideas #2 Sell extra wrist bracelets - Block parties are a community event, people who have no kids invite family and friends with children. These children now have to be calculated into the cost of the block party. For these families that normally do not have children, sell them wrist bands. This will help calculate the number of kids at the block party and offset entertainment and prize expenses.

Block Party Ideas #3 Invite local law enforcement or fire department to your block party. Most local government agencies can provide free community education such as, D.A.R.E., Kids finger printing, police dog education, fire safety, home safety, plus they can bring vehicles for children to inspect. This will make your block party educational and fun.

Block Party Ideas #4 Frozen T-shirt Game. The idea of the game is to take a folded frozen T-shirt, unfold the T-shirt and put it on. This game requires 5 T-shirts. I suggest that you find a local company that would like to donate some T-shirts (free advertising for the company). Soak the T-shirt in water and fold. Place freezer paper between shirts and freeze rock solid.

The Game - Have five contestants unfold the frozen T-shirt and put it on. They can do anything to defrost the T-shirt, BUT must be done in the street. If a barbecue kettle is available, then roasting a T-shirt is legal. You will be surprised how creative people will become trying to unfold a frozen T-shirt.

Block Party Ideas #5 In planning your block party activities, remember to make provisions to recycle all of the materials that are normally collected by the City. So, when the fun is over and it is time to clean up, recyclables are already bagged.

These are just a couple of block party ideas that I have learned from balloon entertaining. I hope you can use these ideas to have a successful neighborhood block party.

Have a lot of kids on your block? Consider the balloon show which entertains the whole block party all in 45 minutes.


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